Ep 38 Jess Cries & Almost Dies

Ep 38 Jess Cries & Almost Dies

Baby-Sitters Club #12 Kristy and the Snobs

The episode Jess has been dreading the most! CW for dog death.

This is an EMOTIONAL one, y’all! This one mainly deals with the decline of Kristy’s collie, Louie, and we frankly can not handle that.

But at least Stacey really weirds some bratty kids out, and then there are other baby-sitting chapters that are entirely unnecessary.

BUT MAINLY ANIMAL SADZ. We were too emotional to remember to do our current reads (apologies) and if you’re into ASMR sniffles, we have got. you. covered.

Plus, celebrity sibling deaths! And was Ann a childhood grifter???

MAJOR CONTENT WARNING: Please skip from 46:18 to 47:48 if you’re sensitive to horrible dog deaths. As you should be.

Thanks for listening!

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